Jacques Cartier, Villain or a Hero?

= Tracy Barne


In history Jacques Cartier should be viewed as a villian because he kidnapped many natives, he took advantange of the Indians kindness, he helped partake in the extinction of a species of bird, and he took a territory from the Indians. On his first voyage in 1534 he ended up on an island called the Island of Birds. On the island he and his crew killed over 1,000 Great Auk birds. This species of bird are now extinct. It was senseless and cruel of him and his men to kill those birds. There really was no purpose for the killings. They didn't use them for meat and nutrition. They weren't killing them to take the island because the island was inhabited with thousands of birds and the whole island is covered in their waste. He helped partake in the exitinction of a species of bird which is inhuman. Also on his voyage he encountered the Iroquoians. He took possession of their land for France. He also kidnapped two of the sons of the Chief to France. Its unjustly to take someones land and home away from dozens of natives without any type of payment or exchange of any sort. Its unfair and despicable. The kidnapping of the sons was also direspectful. Taking children away from there parents and home is a cruel thing. Who is he as a person to take someones land and children for his own use. Only a cold hearted person what do such thing and feel no remorse.

Some more examples of why Jacques Cartier should be viewed as a villian in history are because he took advantage of the natives kindness and he kidnapped several more Indians to France. On his second voyage in 1535 he encountered natives called the Hurons. He and his crew had spent the winter with them. While they were staying there a disease brokeout called scurvy which killed several of the Huron and 25 of his men. The Hurons found a cure in the bark of a white spruce tree. They Huron cured the rest of his men. The cure helped his expedition from ending. The Huron were very helpful to him and his men but instead of showing gratitude he betrayed the Hurons and kidnapped twelve Huron Indians to France in hopes of them to reveal where the gold mines were, but it turned out that there weren't any gold mines. It's really conniving to live among the Huron people and they helped save dozens of his men but yet Jacques showed no thankfulness but decieved them and took there people in his on conquest for gold. It shows that he did not respect the Hurons and only had an agenda of using them to get to the gold mines. Jacques was heartless towards the killing of a species of bird, kidnapping of natives from their homes and family, and the taking of land which did not belong to him. Only a wicked person would have the heart to do such things without regret. That is why Jacques Cartier should be viewed as a villain in history.